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Hidden in the foothills on an old farm near Cottage Grove, Oregon (a short scenic drive from I-5 and Eugene, Oregon), is an electrologist, who one well traveled client called, "One of the 10 best in the world."

After a successful 30 year practice in Eugene, Oregon, Terry Kay Myers Electrolosis embraced the less stressful pace of country life near Cottage Grove. A graduate of California College of Electrology and Thermology in 1970, and blessed with good eyesight, a steady hand and good hand eye coordination. Terry's skilled precision electrolysis technique gets results.

Electrolysis / Hair Removal Procedure:

Electrolysis hair removal
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A fine probe the size of an average hair is inserted into the hair follicle. The bottom of the follicle is treated with an automatically timed, low intensity, electric current to cauterize the hair's root system. Each hair is treated individually and a percentage of hairs are destroyed permanently with each session.

All hairs can be permanently removed by electrolysis. Permanency rates improve with each session. Coarse hairs that have been tweezed repeatedly have more regrowth than finer untweezed hairs. Tweezing often distorts the follicle. Any treated hairs that regrow usually take eight to ten weeks to reappear. They have been damaged at root level and are weaker and/or finer.

Electrolysis is usually a series of treatments, depending on a client's needs.

A good insertion should be painless. The probe should slip in easily. Application of the current stings only slightly more than tweezing.Tweezers then lift the hair gently without traction. The skin is not punctured and seldom does a drop of blood appear. You should never feel poked, jabbed, or the hair being pulled out.

After Treatment:
Skin is normally a little pink after treatment. That should fade in an hour or two. More sensitive skin may have some swelling or welting. After an electrolysis session, I would recommend going slowly with treatment and for after care use ice and/or Triple Sporin.

Fee Schedule:
One hour $70.00
55 minutes $65.00
50 minutes $60.00
45 minutes $55.00
40 minutes $50.00
35 minutes $45.00
30 minutes $40.00
25 minutes $25.00
20 minutes is the minimum for an appointment $30.00

To make an appointment with Terry K Myers, please call: 541-942-6124

Customer Testimonial:

After having a battery of medical tests run, trying depilatories and wax, and even purchasing a "home-electrolysis" machine (terrible mistake which resulted in some pretty painful burns, and absolutely no hair removal), I finally decided to do something real about the hair sprouting on my face, which was becoming an increasing source of trauma for me in my day to day life.

I began avidly researching both electrolysis and laser treatment, I discovered that not only was laser treatment NOT a permanent hair-removal solution, but I would also have to shell out about $600 for a package up front. I decided that electrolysis was my answer.

The first thing that impressed me about Terry's facilities, after I found her on the Internet, was how discreet they are! I had a great deal of embarrassment over the thick black hairs that had been popping up on my chin since I was 30, and were now coming in so often, I was plucking at least twice a day.

Terry is located on a charming, organic farm, a little ways out of the city. Her treatment room is pristine and very professional. It resembles the treatment rooms I have seen in a number of medi-spas. Terry had me fill out a packet regarding my hair growth patterns and medical history, and I soon discovered, she was EXTREMELY knowledgeable on the subjects of hair growth and hair removal. Her prices were very manageable. For the first two months, I went to see her every two weeks for one half hour. As my growth cycles began to level out, that reduced to once a month, then to once every two months. I am now down to once every three months for any random, stray hairs. These hairs are now very fine. They are NOTHING compared to the stubble I was dealing with before.

Furthermore, her skill level is amazing. I know this personally because during my treatments, I received a certificate for a treatment with another electrologist closer to my home. Not only was it a miserable experience, BUT, only a few hairs were actually removed during my visit. I lay there uncomfortably while the woman complained, "I just can't seem to get this one." She actually said that about most of the hairs. These were the same hairs that Terry treated quickly and beautifully, while also carrying on pleasant conversation! It is a tremendous relief not to have to worry about facial hair anymore, and I feel very lucky that I found Terry!

-Anonymous (38 years old)

Hair Removal By Electrolysis
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